Separated Lids And Sealed Weight

Separated Lids and Sealed Weight explores the conflict between building and releasing pressures within our bodies and minds. These spines are made out of found containers and their separated lids. These at one time intact and sealed objects, would have contained and held a certain weight. However, their forms could become lighter, elongated and more transparent once opened. This holding and release of pressure within these containers and our bodies come with varying degrees of friction, tension, action and noise. How each person navigates this change is unique to them. 

Within the body these contrasting phenomenons can exist in tandem, making our exploration and untangling of what works best for our self-preservation an evolving and never-ending work in progress. These moments of decompression are so precious and personal, they are an essential part of who we are. 

(from left to right: Contemporary dancer Madz DeRose, dancer Jimmy Chung, breakdancer Bashir Al Mayahni, producer Fred G.)

All of the photographs above were shot in collaboration with fellow artists and dancers. Their spines and their dedication to their craft inspired this installation.

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