Overlapping Lines Seemingly Weaved

“Overlapping Lines Seemingly Weaved” is an experimental performance by Missing Brick Collective which aims to mark the interpreter’s movements using chalk. Each performer is distinctly unique from the other, representing a multitude of movement qualities that are assigned their own chalk colour and tracer(s). The tracer acts as a shadow, often crouched behind the interpreter, moving with them in tandem. The roles slowly overlap as both parties influence each other’s trajectories and movement qualities. This push and pull creates a playful duet where at times the tracer attempts to match the speed and intention of their interpreter. Though the performers never touch, the chalked marks on the ground weave together these moments in time, a temporal fixture representing each movement’s ephemeral quality. Though we know the marks made will dissipate, the product left behind is simply a mapping of our time together. The chalk is merely a tool to help facilitate movement, as opposed to the movement formulating a finished product. The process of moving in this duet creates a playful dynamic in which we better familiarize ourselves with the moving bodies around us. 

Location: Parc La Fontaine

Interpreters: Madz DeRose, Forrest Russell, Irene Ruiz, Maryam Nour, Pamela Feghali, Ricardo MB, Damien Love-Joy, Marianne Alicia Lynch, Maya Best

Documentation, Editing and Sound: Forrest Russell

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