Overlapping Lines Seemingly In Motion

Parc La Fontaine

Performance Duration: 2 hours

In this work, I asked pedestrians walking past if they could pause, lend me their time and allow me to trace their shadows using various coloured chalks, the more people who participated the more outlines/movements were archived. 

Slowly what began as individually static moments in time became a whirlwind of overlapping lines seemingly in motion, time stamps collaged together. My intent was to explore a way in which I could not only log movement but as well, familiarize and create a relationship with those who normally I would simply walk past and have no immediate connection with. This was inspired by my move to a new neighbourhood, and my hope to understand it better. This simple gesture generated these opportunities. 

Everybody who lent me their time, and those who refused equally became part of this performance by engaging with me and the work. This timestamp is a reflection of actions taken and filled with conversations had which disrupted the habitual way we disengage with society and instead implored a new way to connect and view our similar trajectories.

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