Madz DeRose – Confined Navigation

Choreographer – Madz DeRose

Dramaturge – Forrest Russell

Performers – Madz DeRose, Bashir Al Mahayni, Hannah Hollingham, Diego Cervantes, Marianne Lynch

Videography and Editing – Forrest Russell

“Confined Navigation is a performative/dance intervention that explores the relationship between confined space and movement. It includes a duct-taped square that on the inside houses multiple arrows facing various ways, mimicking the arrows we found throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in various public spaces. These instructional devices help to inspire the movement that takes place within this area. These marks as well as other bodies help to dictate an individual’s trajectory which at times creates structure, confusion, collision, and guidance. This learning curve allows the dancer’s opportunities to explore alternative ways of moving; working collectively as they quickly learn to traverse this new environment together”. – Madz DeRose

Once these arrows were removed, they left a ghostly imprint which is hidden or visible depending on the viewer’s perspective. These temporary highlights show the directions, movements, and experiences that existed within this cube at this time.” –Madz DeRose

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