Hair Folly

Hair Folly.

Measure hair.

Cut hair.

Wet hair. 

Cut hair.

Collect hair. 

Untangle the rough and used climbing rope.

Slowly but surely cut through the dense material to create individual strands.

Closely measure all of it to match the length of your hair. 

Carefully deconstruct the rope and discover soft pearly internal strings.

Delicately pull each of these twelve strings out of its strand. 

Place the strings and their contrasting shells beside one another, forming a pattern.

Repeat the tiring process as desired.

Through trial and error messily sew all the groupings back together. 

Naturally, it will layer both horizontally and vertically.

With a single hair attach them to the excess climbing rope you have yet to configure.

Hang and display the hair folly. 

Reflect on this folly. 

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