Reflection Diffused: One Pass (2021)

Saint-Catherine Street W.

This project was created by thickly inking a woodblock in an attempt to get as many prints out of one pass of ink as possible. This repetitive process represents the routine of quarantine, the pattern of familiarity many of us have felt stagnant in and the fading of time. This monotony has stretched our emotions thin and for me, the only way to break this cycle was to move. The individual center of the print is doing this, moving, but isn’t necessarily travelling to a new destination. Each print was pressed with a wooden spoon and is unique in both opacity and focus. After printing, they were photographed individually and then layered atop the previous one which collectively equated to over 30 images. This helped to create a short and jarring stop-motion video that encompassed the mixed emotions of the past year. Below are some of those frames/prints in the series and the animation itself.


Akua Ink on 11 X 17 in. Vellum paper


All of the prints sewn together into a short animated loop. An experimental attempt at animating a single block by altering ink distribution when printing.

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