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Where’s The Catch Again?


The second illustration of Where’s The Catch?

Now to think of more objects for my characters to fumble.









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Where’s The Catch?


Where’s The Catch?

A variant of the original version.




On the ball.




Muscle memory.

Problem solving.



Forrest Russell –

The (B)ackground

(ink, pencil, colouring pencil)

I was recently given this beautiful vintage scrap book as a gift. Every page inside was empty except for the last. It had a ripped image, a diagram of a playground with kids playing on a structure. I found it haunting, nearly sad so I decided to add to the page, an attempt to try and fill in what was missing. This page had so much character and it inspired me to keep the concept going throughout the rest of the book. So now I’m making a complete work out of it. I’ll fill in each page by taking old images and cutouts I find and finishing/editing what’s missing. I will post more and more as time passes.

Forrest Russell –


img_0267-174A45AC9-2308-42E1-A210-261D8A830CEA“I can’t see in this mess!!”

(ink, marker, digital)

I had to pack light on my journey home for the holidays. I find it easier to get things done when there isn’t much choice around to distract my focus. I brought with me a single moleskin which I had been doodling in throughout the semester and have decided to rework the pen doodles I’ve scribbled down throughout the pages. This way I have a plan to stick to, no matter the quality of the work. In the end I want to find a way to make something out of each one, even if the page was used up by just a word.

Forrest Russell –

Emotional Hydrology

Why am I crying?

Why am I upset?

With the cold weather comes emotional instability. The feeling that I’m slowly drowning internally. I always wonder why that is? I actually like the snow, I find it beautiful and as a kid I think the winter months were something I was always excited about. The holidays were around the corner and that meant being able to see my family members and loved ones all in one place. However, the older I get the more that feeling of joy becomes a memory, something I’ll always cherish but will now rarely experience. For me, this is most likely due to unfortunate events occurring around this time of year. People tend to get sick and like spring with new life winter sadly tends to invite death and sickness into our homes. I don’t have a very close nit family, and it seems like over the years those connections have faded out of importance or just disappeared entirely. My grandparents were in a way the spider’s web which kept us all connected (whether we wanted to be or not), now that they’re no longer with us it’s made it a lot more difficult to keep those ties strong. People tend to focus most of their time on the people directly in front of them, myself included and because my family lives all across different parts of Canada it’s difficult to have that close friendship I wish we could all have. That being said, anyone who’s related to me will always have my support no matter what and I know for the most part that would be echoed back to me. Luckily most of the friends I made growing up have stayed in the city, so whenever I visit home I have them to lean on for support. They’re all family to me and I think for the longest time I wasn’t thankful enough for the amount of friendships I’ve kept going. Were not a huge group but we’ve all been friends for over a decade and that’s a rare thing to have. The only thing is that just like my family, I fear that eventually these friendships will suffer from the exposure of time as well. The idea that I will be completely alone seeps deeply into my mind. This drawing was a way to vent my frustrations with my emotional state during this season and to kind of help myself understand better why I’m upset. To try and push those unneeded feelings out. So I decided to mix the coldness and loneliness I feel presently with a happy memory which comes with the later change of season. As a kid I would make little paper boats and float them down the runoffs from the snowbanks melting in the spring. I’d follow them until they reached the gutter, rinse and repeat. Not all of them made it, but most of them went over the miniature falls. This was such a simple thing that kept me entertained and made me laugh. Memories like this keep us going through rough times.


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See Gulls

Version 1:

Version 2:

See Gulls was inspired by a photo that I took on the coast of Morocco of a huge flock of birds trying to catch their supper. There were so many in fact, that they practically covered up the ocean that flowed behind them. It’s a vivid memory that I will always love. I plan on printing this series on a long thin strip of paper and then block printing the original photo atop different segments of the pattern.


Forrest Russell –

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